Clear communication is essential in ensuring your nails come out perfectly


We offer complimentary water, juice, iced/hot tea or coffee for you to enjoy


We are dedicated to providing you the best luxurious pampering experience

Clean + Safe

Thorough technician training & superior equipment sterilization ensures your confidence and safety

FINALLY, a real nail spa in Long Beach. After being fed up or left feeling bleh with almost every nail shop I’ve been to in the last 8 months, I think I’ve found the holy grail.

Clean, chic and giving the ultimate spa feeling, Kiwi Nail Spa is worth every penny. When it comes to pricing, it is equally priced around every other LB nail shop which pales in comparison.

Brian gave me the most amazing gel manicure! Such a perfectionist and professional. I literally felt like royalty! Waiting on me hand and foot!

So happy I took Yelps recommendation and checked it out. I look forward to becoming a regular and bringing all my girlfriends with me!

After a year of looking for a good nail salon in long beach I tried Kiwi nail lounge tonight. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! This place is awesome. Everyone is so nice they make you feel important.

Ok so the service was good what about the actual nails you say well.. I have what can only be described as sad nails. They won’t grow so acrylics it is for me. Brian is so good. His work is perfection, the nails are not thick or flair out weird that just look so nice.

Try this place you will love it!! I will be back.

I have been to a few nail shops in Belmont Shore but this one takes the cake. I went to cosmetology school and am a licensed esthetician. Having been on the other side of the curtain, I am often picky with nail places and paranoid of sanitation, if you only knew. This place is as sanitary as it gets. I’m in love with their standards. The spa set up was perfect for their size. Everything is comfortable for the client and seemingly comfortable for the staff.
I went in for a pedicure and had Brian. I brought my male friend with me to get a man-icure and his technician was Hana. I opted to get their specialty package pedi for $38. I forgot the name but was a scrub, mask, paraffin, massage the price I paid was much cheaper than most spas. I am highly ticklish and Brian was amazing. I had zero discomfort. My friend got a 15 minute hand massage as well. Her technique was spot on from what I could see and he loved it. Nothing felt rushed. ***Salons/Spas offer add-ons, deal with it, it’s our bread and butter plus the service that is offered is to benefit the client.*** They offered add-ons, we said no and there was no pressure or awkwardness. The two technicians were amazing and I don’t think I’ve ever had better.
Kiwi offers tea, coffee, mimosas, wine, and water. The color selection was amazing. The TV is out of the way and was playing music that had a soft energy and was at a nice subtle volume. Which is my kind of place.
The only thing that would have made me happier is if they brought the bill to me while I waited for my toes to dry. Oh and if technicians wore gloves but I understand I am the only crazy germaphobe who can work like that. Haha

I won’t go anywhere else! The staff is beyond great here! They are open to any idea you have and will execute! I have came here 3 times and it is my new nail salon! I had been to one other salon in between and had a horrible experience and they did not offer the same services that I was used to at kiwi such as “rockstar gel” which is my current nail addiction! I came in the other day from that horrible experience and they fixed my issue! I drove 15 miles to do so!

Thank you !!

My first time at Kiwi! I was at a bar with some friends watching the football game, & decided to sneak away at half time to get my nails done. The bartender pointed me to Kiwi Nail Lounge. The nail artist was SO nice! I think her name was Kimmy? We talked the whole time about school, her nursing career, family…everything. It wasn’t forced either, & the best part is that I got a killer manicure for less than $25. If I’m in Long Beach again in need of a spa day, I will DEFINITELY come here.